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Available Topics


For Leaders:

Leading with Integrity: Personal Values that Actually Mean Something

Leading in the Modern Age: Inclusion, Empathy, Courage, and Purpose

Trauma-Informed Leadership: A Skillset for Your People and Your Customers

Breaking the Cycle: How to Unlearn Toxic Habits and Set a Fresh Leadership Perspective

Cut the Bullshit: How to Let Go of the Past and Focus on What Actually Matters


For Individual Contributors:

Finding Yourself: Personal Values for Your Career and Your Life

Exercise Your Empathy: How to Change Your Perpsective and Your Life

The Wind and the Sun: A Fable for the Modern Workplace

Finding Your Courage: Unlearning Professionalism and Embracing What’s Real

Speaking Engagement For Businesses (Virtual)

  • > One 60-minute keynote talk

    > Two prep calls to tailor the presentation to your needs

    > One 30-minute VIP Q&A session

  • Yes! Copies of Be True to Yourself: The Personal Values Workbook can be added at the discounted rate of $8 per person. 

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